Weight Loss: Part I

I often have people ask me about weight loss. The first thing that seems to disappoint people is following fact: There is no magic pill that provides instant weight loss!   Well, doesn’t that just suck? In fact, most of the recommendations I have for weight loss are of a … Read more.

Tiger Tooth Liniment for Arthritis

Expanding on a line of natural health care products prepared locally, Tiger Tooth Liniment Company is unveiling  a topical liniment specifically for arthritis pain. This formulation, like all forthcoming Tiger Tooth products, has been meticulously produced and thoroughly evaluated for effectiveness, ease of use, and aesthetic properties. The Arthritis Formula … Read more.

Relief for Menopause and Other Stuff

The overwhelming demand has led me to formulate a tincture (a medicine made by dissolving herbs in alcohol) specifically targeted at menopause symptoms. This formulation is a combination of ancient formulas designed to address the deficiencies of Kidneys and Spleen as we grow older. The Spleen and Kidneys together regulate … Read more.

Colds, Allergies, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia and Upper Respiratory Infections

You don’t have to suffer from symptoms, take allergy test and shots, or consume medications on a long term basis. There’s a very simple explanation of these ailments and an even simpler solution; Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medical diagnosis can determine a cause specific to the individual and a very specific … Read more.

Staying Healthy in Winter

The ancient Chinese believed that human beings should live in harmony with the natural cycles of their environment. Changes in the weather provoke changes in the body. The body requires time to adapt. Difficulty in adapting to weather conditions is often a contributing factor to seasonal illness. With the wind, … Read more.

Asian Bodywork Therapy vs. Massage Therapy

What’s In a Name? “Asian Bodywork Therapy” and “Massage Therapy” are indeed two different things. There has been much debate between professionals and professional organizations about what techniques, philosophies and descriptions cross over from one modality to the other and where certain seperations lie.  “Bodywork” is a general term that … Read more.