The Right Choice

Are you in pain? Has your doctor failed you? Need help right away?

Sacred Healing Tree is a healing space… and Steven is a master healer whose passion is people. He excels where all others have failed or will not even venture and is ready to share his gift of healing with you.

Are you ready to heal? Then… you’ve made the right choice!


  •  Business hours: By Appointment Only. Monday –  Thursday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday, 10:00am –  5:00pm
  •  Convenient location: Northeast San Antonio across from  Northeast Methodist Hospital
  •  Parking: Directly in front of the clinic for Sacred Healing  Tree clients only
  •  Urgent care: The only alternative medicine clinic making special accommodations to see  clients with non-life-threatening emergencies.


  •  Formally trained at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at  Austin (AOMA)
  •  Certified by American Organization for Bodywork  Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)
  •  Recognized by Texas Department of State Health Services  (TXDSHS)


  •  Sports Medicine
  •  Pediatrics
  •  Orthopedics
  •  General Medicine
  •  Idiopathic Disease Specialist (Diseases of unknown origin)


  •  5 times faster results than chiropractic, physical therapy,  acupuncture or massage
  •  Quick, accurate assessment and maximum therapy time
  •  Avoid unnecessary surgery
  •  Methods revised according to individual need


  •  Historically, one of the safest therapies that can be applied  by a properly trained professional
  •  Non-invasive assessment and therapy
  •  Maximum results without acupuncture needles
  •  Herbs: Products are made from the best quality raw herbal  materials manufactured in a GMP compliant facility in  USA (Active Herb) or a renowned pharmaceutical GMP  certified facility in China (Guang Ci Tang).


  •  Prompt
  •  Courteous
  •  Friendly service. ” I’ll make sure you get the time you need  to express your health concerns.”
  •  Follow-ups. “I’ll go the extra mile to ensure you get the  results you expect.”

Cost effective compared to…

  •  doctor’s visits
  •  chiropractic visits
  •  physical therapy
  •  medication expenses
  •  surgery



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